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B.C. rub therapist accused of sexual misconduct was in fact playing cellphone games, private school says Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Trevor Scott suspended for 10 days considering explore by College of Massage Therapists of B.C.

Bethany Lindsay CBC News Posted: Feb 16, 2021 4:00 AM PT | Last Updated: February 17

Massage therapist Trevor Scott played games concerning his phone 'to remain lighthearted and awake' during appointments, according to the College of Massage Therapists of B.C. (Robert Short/CBC)



A B.C. smooth therapist suspected of masturbating during an show taking into account a client has admitted he was using one hand to behave games as regards his phone during several sessions in recent years.

Trevor Scott of Prince George, B.C., signed two agree agreements last month when the College of Massage Therapists of B.C. agreeing to two five-hours of hours of day suspensions from practice, fines and questioning costs totalling $4,500, and "intensive remedial coursework" going concerning for professional ethics and boundaries, according to public notices upon the educational website.

He's plus unconditionally to surviving conditions that prevent him from bringing his phone into the treatment room with him.

The speculative described Scott's misconduct as "massive" and said the disciplinary activities are vital to protect public safety.

Former rub therapist faces 12-hours of daylight hearing behind more claims he molested 6 patients "A pleasurable to as well as who sees his or her RMT using a mobile phone even though he or she is unclothed during a smear therapy treatment is likely to become pained and disaster," the public notices herald.

"In using his mobile phone during treatments of patients, Mr. Scott was not treating those patients following glorify or acting in their best interests, and the effectiveness and safety of his treatments may have been compromised."

Complaints filed by two women Scott's enter upon agreements are the result of complaints from two female patients who had appointments subsequent to him in the spring of 2019.

One told the university that she caught him using his cellphone during a rub; the new said she suspected he was using one hand to be adjoining himself even though she was slant all along upon the treatment table.

Trevor Scott is suspended from practice for a quantity of 10 days. (Synergy Health and Wellness) In recognition to the affirmation of sexual misconduct, the scholastic ordered Scott to have a chaperone execution during all appointments once female patients though the complaints were deadened scrutinize.

The educational also sent in a male undercover investigator to adding going on together as a submissive, and he reported that Scott was indeed using his phone considering one hand even though the theater a smooth when the addendum.

"Mr. Scott had his cellular phone in his hand for a unadulterated of 15 minutes and 24 seconds of the treatment and was using it to engagement a game in the space of Candy Crush," the public notices control by.

Massage therapist admits to use of phone Scott has past admitted to using his cellphone even though providing treatment upon merged occasions in 2018 and 2019.

He said it began when messages to his front desk staff and escalated to playing games taking into consideration Mahjong, solving Sudoku puzzles and fooling a propos gone a drawing app.

"His want in war out so was to remain lighthearted and awake," the notices said.

Therapist who used phone to entre summaries of fantasy novels during massages admits to misconduct Investigators did not locate any evidence that Scott was using his phone to declare you will photos or videos of his clients.

In the act of the helpful who suspected Scott of masturbating, he told the literary he had no specific recollection of the incident but admitted it was practicable he had been playing considering his phone.

Scott has admitted that his behaviour constitutes misconduct and violates the hypothetical's ethics code. He is suspended from practising for a recognition of 10 days beginning upon Feb. 19.

Earlier misconduct scrutiny This is not the first period Scott has been out cold suspicion of sexual misconduct during rub treatments.

He was also accused of masturbating during a smear in 2014, but the theoretical eventually dismissed that disease after members of a disciplinary panel said they couldn't conclusively determine an accurate description of behavior.

Prince George massage therapist faces other sexual misconduct psychoanalysis During that psychotherapy as swiftly, Scott was ordered to have a chaperone gift for appointments back female patients, but he challenged that condition in a combat that went every one of the exaggeration to the B.C. Court of Appeal.

The high court found the moot had the authority to impose interchange conditions after that than someone has raised a sickness worth investigating and "where, based upon the material in front the inquiry committee, the public requires sudden sponsorship."


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