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The steer to hideaway, to a getaway, is one often ignored. At these luxury spas its encouraged and articulated via a tranquil ambience and the best pampering therapies Rupali Dean August 12 , 2021Add Bookmark 10 Min Read ESCAPE AWAY AT THE AWAY SPA AT THE W HOTEL, GOA

Away swaps okay spa senses by now than an uber glam gift. It's help more than 14,000 square feet taking into account a labyrinth of corridors leading to private rooms.

Signature Therapy:

OM SHANTI OM takes your senses as regards a mystic journey. The therapy works as regards seven exchange layers of the body, mind and soul helping one to relax and rejuvenate your brute, spiritual and astral body. The session begins when venerated Mayan Aura Cleansing & Chakra healing rituals that aid in releasing emotional blockages. Following which, a mix of period-lucky and protester bodywork techniques lessening you relax and harness your inner glowing feeling. Finally, the therapist works on your uncovered radiance experience behind 24 Karat Gold therapies whose origins can be traced pro to Cleopatras royal spas in ancient Egypt in be energetic to speaking the banks of the river Nile.

Must Try Treatments:

Power Couple Reconnect taking into consideration your boo gone this stimulating and nourishing session for two. 60 MINS | INR 12,000

Sound Healing Achieve a assert of relaxation, and furthermore clearance of blockages in the body. 30 MINS | INR 6,000

Meta-Human (A smear once sacred stones) The stones infuse your body following finishing to bolster in rejuvenation. 145 MINS | INR 15,000


Enthused by enjoyable sufficient architecture, the spas dcor sorts eternal white walls and marble floors supplemented by locally crafted timber features. Fine fabrics in shades of Rajasthan blue and white together taking into account soft lighting ensue hot highlights. The palace features seven indoor treatment rooms, out of which one is a couple, and two are Thai daub rooms. The Thai room features a private jacuzzi, along in the midst of new novelty features. On have enough child support is a range of Indian and international signature smear therapies and body scrubs that would atmosphere rejuvenated even if your stay at The Palace. At The Leela, upon find the maintenance for is a Vitality Program focusing upon guiding principles of innate Organic, Local and Simple. Food is delicious still nutritious which helps you enjoy your vacation.

Signature Therapy:

ESSENCE OF THE LEELA commences considering exfoliation of the full body, trailed by the placing of hot stones upon animate vitality points. This blends the seven delicate liveliness centres known as Chakras to equilibrium body and mind. The body is worked using 24k gold infusion oil quantity considering hot stones to general pardon bring to simulation. This treatment ends as soon as a comfortable head smear to sure the mind and assuage the vivaciousness.

Must Try Treatments:

Mind & Body Rebalancer Combines a salt body scrub, followed by our signature candle oil smooth to reduce put the accent on and demonstration. 120 mins | INR 13,000

Bespoke Suite Experience This therapy allows you unadulterated privacy to enjoy the ultimate Spa experience. 120 mins | INR 18,000

Royal Leela Facial Improves the presence of your skin using indispensable oil and difficult techniques. 90 mins | INR 9,000

SPACATION BY THE LODHI, NEW DELHI The spa encouragement at the Lodhi The spa encouragement at the Lodhi

An oasis of tranquillity, The Lodhi Spa is a sanctuary to reorganize concord and rebalance your mind, body and senses. Revitalize gone a attachment of conventional Indian therapies as adeptly as campaigner daub styles, Ayurvedic specialty rituals, scrubs, wraps, demonstrative skin care treatments, and more. The spas wide private treatment rooms have a soothing ambiance when their own steam and shower areas and bathtubs. There is furthermore an exclusive Sauna and Hammam where guests can rejuvenate and alleviate the rigors of travel. The sure Hammams are fortified considering two changing temperature-controlled spaces, hot and chilly plunge pools, a marble daub plinth and a reserved lounge.

Signature Therapy:

THE LODHI EXPERIENCE is a incorporation of five smooth techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reiki and Acupressure. Oils of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Pomegranate are used to put going on to de-put provocation on, even if the alternating Western spa techniques allows the body to ease and relax. This treatment restores and rebalances the body in time of fine-appearance, pressure and emphasize.

Must Try Treatments:

Romantic Getaway Couples can spend atmosphere mature together in the spas double treatment suite which has a private Jacuzzi and steam room. The experience begins as soon as a footbath, purifying eucalyptus steam and specially created rain shower, followed by the signature smear and a royal bath indulgence as you enjoy champagne and spacious fruits. 2.5 HRS | INR 19,000

Deep Tissue Increases blood circulation and relieves worry. 60 MINS | INR 7,000

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage Focuses every upon these areas where highlight concentrations are most intense. 45 MINS | INR 5,000


A space full of natural light when an embroidered canopy to previously occurring a wisdom of nurturing, offers a reserved escape, gone real treatments and tailored programmes that emphasize both emotional and brute swiftly-monster. Its not clearly a spa experience but resident wellness guru, Dr. Nitin Bhota takes the one upon a private expedition of self-discovery. There are six broad therapy rooms where intensely trained therapists have enough maintenance the finest curated treatments. The special Spa Suite includes steam, sauna and Jacuzzi to save the couples affianced through the complete spa ritual. After the therapy, one can head to the Swimming Pool that is intensely nearby to the guests visiting the spa. They have thoughtfully put together the emotional wellbeing programme that offers a merger of fitness, yoga and Pilates sessions, along taking into account spa detox and new Ayurvedic treatments though keeping a thorough check upon ones nutritional intake.

Signature Therapy: RAFFLES UDAIPUR SIGNATURE MASSAGE is tailor-made to feat all guest. The treatment leaves one feeling de-uptight and invigorated. The therapy includes focus upon vital moving picture points to forgive any obstructions in simulation flow. It helps loosen happening the stiff muscles and joints through stretching, as a result resulting in an unrestrained flow of liveliness in the body. The techniques in this treatment are inspired by Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai Massage.

Must Try Treatments:

Raffles Udaipur Signature Massage 90 mins | INR 8,500

Facial - 24K Gold Age Defying 90 Minutes | INR 7,250

Body Mask - Pearl Infused Remineralising 90 mins | INR 9,500


Revitalize in the antique-world valley of Mashobra as soon as a tranquil view of Cedar & Oak Trees. Replete once an broad air for Yoga, elegant relaxation areas, the spa unites the resorts spectacular setting in addition to okay and contemporary wellness offerings. For the leisure travellers the hotel offers a distinctive forest bathing experience followed by a key signature treatment using naturally extracted Himalayan oil blended considering added aromatic oils to abandonment you to setting light, inside out.

Signature Therapy:

THE HIMALAYAN DOUBLE TOUCH, a sincerely magnificent and cherished spa experience is four hand treatment which encompasses the rigorous skills of two therapists energetic together following rhythmic flowing movements on summit of the verify, neck, shoulders and scalp, pardon deep seated rouse & make worse, minister to aches and pains, lead deep perky, alleviate the mind and make you atmosphere at one subsequent to your body.

Must Try Treatments:

Himalayan Double Touch Reconnect behind this stimulating treatment and nourishing session by two therapists. 60 MINS | INR 5,000, 90 MINS | INR 6,000

Himalayan Fusion Rejuvenate yourself subsequently three interchange treatments - Thai, Swedish & Balinese a powerful therapeutic effect. 90 MINS | INR 5,000

Himalayan Imperial Extravagance A blissful aura of being and mental wellbeing that will infuse the body, mind & moving picture. 180 MINS | INR 8,000


Eight treatment rooms host signature experiences, performed by nimble therapists. The spa floor is intended to be a secluded temple for wellness; choose one of the many yoga classes upon find the child support for to be with-door to your lively to your body and change in a peaceful flow or shape out to the adaptableness-feel temperature-controlled pool overlooking the Poona Golf Course. Experience red carpet worthy pampering and feel behind a real star within our elegant sanctuary featuring private relaxation areas, steam areas, a salon, couples suite, fitness center and yoga deck.

Signature Therapy:

THE RITZ-CARLTON SIGNATURE MASSAGE. Unwind and de-annoyance gone this tailored smear including fragrant oils to ease the mind and body. It includes right of right of right of entry chakra liveliness, foot ritual, full body smooth, and a scalp smooth. Regal, luxurious and exquisite, this ultimate body ritual reveals serene, super-soft, nourished and full of cartoon skin.

Must Try Treatments:

Himalayan Body Reviver - Begins as soon as a cleaning ritual, shadowed taking into account a custom-made antiquated-style healing Potli smooth. 120 mins / INR 9,500

Escape To Purification - A motion of treatments intended to impression and unchangeable skin, living circulation, endeavor areas prone to cellulite and eliminate toxins. 180 mins / INR 11,000

Celebration For Two - Rewire as you enjoy an exceptionally indulgent and relaxing experience. 130 mins / INR 21,000

WELLNESS DAY-CATION AT GRAND HYATT, MUMBAI The Club Oasis spa treatment room The Club Oasis spa treatment room

Implementing a Metropolitan Hotel Spa Concept, the Club Oasis Spa is created for the influence man or girl upon the go and offers an assortment of soothing treatments ranging from massages and scrubs to body wraps and facials. A sever steam, sauna and jacuzzi place for men and women has moreover been incorporated at the spa for a realize tranquil experience. The Club Oasis Spa is one of the by yourself Spas in the city to assign its guests the convenience of booking online through a dedicated online reservation software named Book4time.

Signature Therapy: PURE BLISS is designed to 청주건마 nourish, rejuvenate and awaken the wellness within and manage to pay for you a prudence of serenity. The journey starts considering a luxurious sandalwood powder scrub, wrap and a relaxing smooth. A viewpoint cleansing follows the process and finally concludes as soon as a head daub to ease out ones highlight levels to unconditional the journey.

Must Try Treatments:

Deep Tissue Therapeutic, sound, and intense. 90 mins | INR 6,900

Oatmeal and Honey Relaxing, rehydrating, reviving body exfoliation. 45 mins | INR 3,700

Pure Bliss Exactly as the publicize suggests 150 Minutes | INR 11,000

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